Compello: to drive together [com – “together” + pello – “drive”]

Extend and protect: your safety net for peace of mind

Shepherd Compello is a market leader in Extended Warranty and GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection). We can provide bespoke coverage to suit individual needs, be it based on age or usage. We also have experience in the sales and marketing of these products, which we share with clients. Vehicles from Scooters to trucks and agricultural to construction, brown and white goods, such as phones, washing machines, fridges and pretty much everything in between.


Facility details

  • Agricultural machinery & equipment
  • Construction machinery & equipment
  • Truck & roadside assistance
  • General Motor
  • Forestry (territory dependent)

What’s covered?

  • Engine unit
  • Emission controlled exhaust system, including sensors
  • Fuel system
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Transmission system
  • Driveline system
  • Hydrostatic transmission controlled system
  • Electronic components

Tailored to each product type, with additional levels of coverage available.

All product types

We specialise in Residual Value Insurance (RVI) for commercial entities who seek to manage their asset value risk. RVI works by guaranteeing that a properly maintained asset will have an agreed value at a future date.

We are a market leader for GAP Insurance. We can assist with this in terms of automobiles, as well as for agricultural and construction machinery.

We work with clients, dealers and manufacturers alike to provide extended warranty cover for brown and white goods. This ranges from televisions, mobile phones, digital media players to household and commercial appliances, such as washing machines, fridges and freezers.

We work with a number of large manufacturers and dealers worldwide, and offer in-house underwriting capabilities for GAP and Extended Warranty coverage, backed by leading Lloyd’s syndicates. We are also able to assist with Physical Damage and Breakdown insurance for construction and agricultural machinery.

We specialise in providing Extended Warranty cover in respects of the electrical and mechanical breakdown of parts for boats, pleasure crafts and yachts.

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