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Specialists in US Transportation

Our team of US Transportation specialists have a wealth of expertise in providing coverage for both mainstream and niche risks across North America. We understand the evolving needs of the transportation industry and are able to cater for those changing demands with bespoke coverage, tailored to suit differing needs. Our in-house binding authority on certain classes of business allows us to work swiftly and competitively, using the very best of Lloyds Underwriting facilities.


Motor Truck Cargo & Commercial Auto Physical Damage

For businesses on the road, our MTC and APD product is designed with minimal disruption to business in mind. Our main transportation product can be tailored, bespoke to the needs of the most complex, or simplest organisations. Essential for any business with a fleet of vehicles involved in shipping goods, helping them to manage and maintain the smooth flow of their day-to-day operations.

Transportation Liability

Our Transportation Liability product offers truckers vital protection in the event of an accident, ensuring businesses are able to navigate legal and financial challenges and allowing them to focus on delivering goods.

Stock Throughput

This product covers inventory all the way through the supply chain, from the moment it is received, until it reaches its final destination. This coverage ensures goods are shielded against various risks, such as damage, theft or unexpected events. Our Stock throughput cover allows businesses to thrive without worrying about disruptions and financial setbacks.

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Lea Baverstock

Lea Baverstock

Divisional Director

Our Divisional Director Lea has over 27 years’ experience in the London Insurance Market. She specialises in Transportation & Haulage Companies throughout 32 counties of Ireland and South Africa, as well as various types of Commercial/Manufacturing Operations and also Leisure.

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Ross Durrant

Ross Durrant

Associate Director
Tina Khoda

Tina Khoda

Laura Clothier

Laura Clothier

Assistant Underwriter

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