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Coverage for high valued properties in the US

Our High Valued Home Owners Insurance product is designed for ‘high valued’ properties over $500,000 dwelling value in the US. Underwritten by the best of Lloyd’s syndicates, this product offers five levels of cover, ranging from ‘standard’ to ‘exceptional’, the most comprehensive level of coverage. Rest assured, that no matter your requirements, we have a tailored insurance solution to cover it.


Standard coverage

  • Replacement cost value for contents
  • Special Perils Personal Property
  • Inflation Guard
  • Extended Liability

We understand that some clients require a more tailored offering, therefore beyond the ‘standard’ level of cover, a range of bespoke packages offer clients those extra levels of protection, should they require it.

Additional coverage

  • Water Back Up
  • Mould
  • Extended Replacement Cost
  • Personal Injury
  • Identify Fraud

Download our product factsheet below for a complete overview of our High Valued Home Owners product.

Facility details

All States but excluding Wind/Hail 1st Tier from Texas through to North Carolina, Texas including Wind is limited to Yellow counties (see map here). California and Western States can be written subject to Map Risk Bush score.


  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Seasonal
  • Ground-up construction
  • Full-time rental to the same tenant
  • Short-term rental
  • Renovation
  • Vacant
  • Individuals
  • LLC’s
  • Corporation
  • Trusts
  • Partnerships
  • Joint ventures
  • Protection classes 1-10

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Steve Hart

Steve Hart

Chief Broking Officer

Steve is a highly experienced Delegated Authorities specialist. With a career spanned over 20 years, he has a wealth of knowledge across a range of property insurance classes as both an underwriter and a broker. He is an associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII).

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David Lee

David Lee

Senior Underwriter

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