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Protection for the road ahead

Our Transportation Liability product offers truckers and non-truckers, vital protection in the event of an accident, ensuring businesses are able to navigate legal and financial challenges, allowing them to focus on delivering goods.


Non-Trucking Liablity

  • Facility limits: USD 500,000-1,000,000 combined single limit
  • Rated per driver
  • Excluded states: New York, New Jersey, Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties in Florida, Texas, Indiana & Georgia
  • Semi-trailers only

Truckers General Liability

  • Any trucking risk with less than 26 units at inception (any larger must be prior submitted)
  • Risk written on I.S.O Endorsement CG 21 44, which limits coverage to designated premises only


a) A physical terminal location. A terminal is defined as a building that includes dock facilities for trucks, where incoming trucks can unload shipments and outgoing trucks can be loaded with shipments

b) A physical garage or repair facility

c) If the sections above do not supply an office location that does not include any of the operations indicated in those sections, but that office location can include parking for trucks and truck-tractors

Any Trucking risk that has had one or more General Liability claims with an individual paid amount in excess of USD 5,000 in the last five years.

a) Gasoline Haulers

b) Fuel Oil Transporters

c) Liquid Petroleum

d) Hazardous Waste Haulers

e) Auto Truck Rental Fleets

f) Mobile Crane Operators

g) Mix in Transit Concrete Trucks

h) Bulk Chemicals

i) Tow Truck Operations

j) Instructional/Driver Training Operations

h) Snow Removal Operations

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Steve Hart

Steve Hart

Chief Broking Officer

Steve is a highly experienced Delegated Authorities specialist. With a career spanned over 20 years, he has a wealth of knowledge across a range of property insurance classes as both an underwriter and a broker. He is an associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII).

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Lea Baverstock

Lea Baverstock

Divisional Director

Our Divisional Director Lea has over 27 years’ experience in the London Insurance Market. She specialises in Transportation & Haulage Companies throughout 32 counties of Ireland and South Africa, as well as various types of Commercial/Manufacturing Operations and also Leisure.

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Ross Durrant

Ross Durrant

Associate Director
Tina Khoda

Tina Khoda

Laura Clothier

Laura Clothier

Assistant Underwriter

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