Compello: to drive together [com – “together” + pello – “drive”]

Our approach

To drive together, as ‘Compello’ stands for, is the basis on which our business is built. This extends to our incubator services with our key aim being able to facilitate the growth of your business. Our key priority is providing a core service, provided by our team of experts, working directly with you to achieve your goals.

Bring your team… and we’ll do the rest.

Our services

The services we offer are built around our desire to enable you to take your business to the next level. We understand no two businesses are the same, and our fully bespoke approach mirrors this. We have the infrastructure available to offer a fully customisable incubator service, enabling you to to focus on what you do best, servicing your clients and growing your business.

Whilst all services are tailored, below is a brief summary of the services we can offer.

Our services

Compliance, Regulatory and Company Secretarial Services

Access to capacity

Financial & IBA Management

Technical & Claims

Human Resources

Office Space

IT Infrastructure

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