We are pleased to announce that Duncan McClure Fisher, CEO of Motoreasy, has joined the Shepherd Compello board of directors.

With a career spanning more than 2 decades and half a million warranties, Duncan joins Shepherd Compello as arguably the UK’s leading B2C warranty expert. Having worked with John, Holly and our team for over 20 years, he will now play a key role in growing our business as a specialist warranty broker and administrator:

“Shepherd Compello are uniquely placed in the global warranty market, combining operations in Physical Damage Insurance, Motor truck cargo, warranty and GAP insurance. I can’t wait to join the team using my experience founding B2B and B2C warranty providers in the UK, European and Australian warranty markets.”

Duncan is the successful founder of some of the UK’s biggest B2C warranty companies such as MotorEasy, Warranty Direct, and B2B dealer warranty provider, Warranty Assist. He is also a partner in the Dutch warranty business AutoTrust. This leading provider of vehicle warranty offers manufacturers and lease companies a mixture of new and used warranty schemes and service plans. Duncan is also involved in the Australian heavy machinery and agricultural warranty market with Direct Machinery Ltd. On top of that he’s been taking part in many warranty innovation projects such as the addition of wear & tear cover and free pre cover warranty health checks.

Duncan is widely attributed with tidying up the UK aftermarket warranty marketplace, in the words of motoring expert Honest John:

“In the past, aftermarket warranty insurers were happy to take your money, but prone to use ‘wear and tear’ exclusions and low claims limits making them of little real value. This all changed when Duncan McClure Fisher decided to come in and clean the business up with simple, straightforward and proper underwriting of risks. Duncan realised that warranties needed to be transparent – telling customers exactly what is and isn’t covered for them to see in black and white.”

Here at Shepherd Compello we believe in establishing strong relationships both internally and with our long-standing client base. Our strategy is to drive markets to deliver the best cover, pricing and wording available. Our ambition is to grow both the team and the business in its specialist markets including Physical Damage Insurance, Extended Warranty & GAP, Marine and Motor Truck Cargo, Cyber Insurance, Media, Sports and Entertainment, to name but a few.

Commenting on the new appointment, John Shepherd, Chief Executive Officer stated:

“I am excited that Duncan is joining the team. His wealth of knowledge, high energy and insurance market experience will massively enhance our existing skill set as we continue to drive forward together into new markets and territories.”



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