Now, more than ever, whilst the world finds itself in the midst of dealing with new challenges in a Global pandemic it is important that we look to the future for hope that we as a Company, and as a society, can prosper. This is why Compello, meaning ‘to drive together’, will always be a cornerstone of our Company.

We are passionate and drive forward to develop solutions for our markets. So, when Brexit became a reality in 2016, we embraced the opportunity to work together and overcome any challenges to ensure that we are ready and able to continue serving our clients and stakeholders.

Our drive to ensure we are Brexit ready led to the formation our Netherlands based subsidiary Shepherd Compello B.V., which has become the vehicle for serving European business for our clients. Making our vision to form a new Company in Europe as part of the Shepherd Compello family a reality bringing with it our family values, our expertise, and our client excellence to Europe.

As the reality of Brexit draws closer, we are proud and delighted to be able to serve both our current clients and our future clients. This is a testament to the dedicated team at Shepherd Compello who continue you to work together to ensure we offer the best service for our clients as demonstrated in the seamless transfer of our European clients’ business to Shepherd Compello B.V.

Shepherd Compello B.V. is a fully licensed insurance agent in the Netherlands, has inwards permissions with the FCA and is accredited as a both a Lloyd’s Broker and Lloyd’s Coverholder. As a result, we are pleased to offer our services in Europe to:
• Support the placement and management of Delegated Authorities compliantly with Lloyd’s
• Provide insurance services to policyholders in the EEA
• Provide a solution to allow brokers to continue placing EEA located business into Lloyd’s Brussels

A wise man once said “The future depends on what we do in the present” ….we have ensured our future is more prosperous by what we have done today. I am proud of our team and our position to continue to serve the market in Europe. We welcome new opportunities and are excited for the future.

John Shepherd

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how Shepherd Compello B.V. can support you in Europe


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